Next Steps

Stop sign

Successfully pass ALL Foundations videos
  before assessing your student.

Assess your student and have it approved
before teaching your student. 

 Carefully read all of the instructions
so you do not have to redo these assignments!  

Next Steps: Implement the Strategies

  • Implementation is part of the learning process. If you are taking this course when school is not in session, you can complete this later. You may continue with the Advanced Skills course and come back to these assignments later. You will see a link at the conclusion of Advanced Skills that will take you back to this assignment.

     There are two parts to the implementation of strategies:

  • Assess a strugging reader using our assessments.
  • Teach a minimum of three RoxieReading lessons using the RoxieReading curriculum.
  •  The purpose of these two assignments is to demonstrate that you can identify, assess, and teach a student who is struggling with reading. 
  • You will find documents and videos in this workshop to help you complete these assignments.