Students gain the skills to read anything.

RoxieReading Curriculum has Five Ability Levels

The Ability Levels are based on grapheme knowledge.

The curriculum level is based on knowledge of graphemes (letter and letter combinations that represent a single speech sound) and the knowledge of prefixes and suffixes. It is NOT based on reading level except for RoxieReading 4 which requires students to read at a high Grade 4 and up.

The Ability Levels allow the curriculum to be age-appropriate.

Basing the curriculum on ability rather than grade level allows great flexibility in making sure the material is age appropriate while at the same time teaching all the essential skills. Teachers are trained to identify which level is appropriate for their students.

What each Ability Level teaches

Students are taught the essential skills for reading at each ability level. The words used to teach these skills defines the basic distinction between levels. RoxieReading A teaches the essential skills but omits certain graphemes (such as ough, and dge), prefixes, and suffixes. Starting at RoxieReading 1, students  are taught:

  • How to hear the individual sounds in words – phonemic awareness
  • How to spell the 127 graphemes of English
  • How the letter/letter combinations, prefixes, and suffixes operate in the language

We use a phoneme-based phonics and not a syllable-based phonics that is used by most traditional programs.

RoxieReading A materials.fw

RoxieReading A

Use with students who do not know the alphabet.

RoxieReading 1 materials.fw

RoxieReading 1

Use with students who know most of the alphabet.

RoxieReading 2 materials.fw

Knows alphabet but weak with short vowel sounds.

RoxieReading 3 materials.fw

RoxieReading 3

Use with students who do not know the long vowel and other vowel spellings.

RoxieReading 4 materials.fw

RoxieReading 4

Use with students who have memorized thousands of words.


Formative Assessment

 Formative assessment is embedded within the curriculum giving continual feedback on the progress of students on key skills. This allows you to adjust the curriculum for maximum student growth. 

See how RoxieReading compares to many traditional programs.​

Training is required to
teach RoxieReading.