Assessment Documents

Assessment Instructions

Here are the new Assessment Instructions for the new Assessment forms. 

Open the Assessment Instructions and SAVE. This is an interactive form so you can easily navigate from one page to another. DO NOT choose print to your completer. If you do, the document is no longer interactive.

This document has the step by step instructions for giving the assessments and filling out the Assessment forms. It is an interactive form so you can easily navigate from one page to another.

Read pages 3 – 12. These pages give the basic information you will need to assess and evaluate the student.

  • The Graphemes: The Way to Spell the Sounds will help you identify sounds that can represent the Target Graphemes.
  • The Levels of Phonemic awareness will help you identify the student’s phonemic awareness level.

Print pages 13 and 14 if you have not already done so. You will need these pages to help you complete the activities in the video. You will also need these pages as you assess your student.

Assessment Forms

If you don’t have Adobe Reader,
you can get it here. 

Choose a struggling reader.

Choose the Assessment Forms for the grade level of your student. If you are assessing the student for the first time at the end of the school year, choose the assessment that matches the grade level of the student in the Fall.

These forms are interactive, fillable forms. Type the information into the form. These forms will automatically calculate scores and transfer data from one part of the form to another.

      • Open the file on the computer, fill in the information, and then print to PDF to your computer. Then submit it.


      • Save the file on your computer. Open it in Adobe, fill in the form, and then print it to a PDF.  Then submit it.
      • NOTE:  If you open the file and print to PDF, you will not be able to fill in the information on the computer.
      • DO NOT scan or submit as a JPEG.