Teach a Student

Special Note! Some of you may have submitted the Assessment assignment but then no longer have access to that student to do the Teaching Summary. If you are unable to teach the student that you assessed, this is what you do.

  1. Give the Developmental Spelling Test to your new student.
  2. Record the results on the Developmental Spelling Test Results Form. 
  3. Write your analysis of the test as well as your observations of the student from other resources. Include the current reading level of the student and the RoxieReading level you will use.   
  4. Submit this before your Teaching Summary if you are unsure of what curriculum level to use or submit it with your Teaching Summary.
  5. This helps me give you good feedback.

If you don’t have an UPDATED Adobe Reader, you can get it here. 

Adobe Reader

The Teaching Summary takes the place of
an in-person observation. Be specific.

Download the Teaching Summary.  Use this document to record the activities and student responses for each lesson. 

    • Open the file on the computer, fill in the information, and then print to PDF to your computer. Then submit it.


    • Save the file on your computer. Open it in Adobe, fill in the form, and then print it to a PDF.  Then submit it.
    • NOTE:  If you open the file and print to PDF, you will not be able to fill in the information on the computer.

 ·       DO NOT scan or submit as a JPEG.

Teaching Summary Form

Rubric for Teaching Summary

  1. Submit and receive feedback on your assessment before teaching the student. In order to choose the appropriate level of intervention, you will need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the student.
  2. These are the materials you will need.
      • RR Teacher Edition 
      • Sound Cards
      • Digital access to the student pages
      • Digital access to the Teacher Resources for scripting for RR2, 3, and 4.
      • Whiteboard for students
      • Chips for RR2, 3, and 4
      • Tiles for some RRA lessons
  3. Teach a minimum of three consecutive RoxieReading lessons to one or more students using the RoxieReading curriculum. This means three COMPLETE lessons. That means if you divide a lesson, you will be teaching six days. This should include the student you have assessed.
  4. Provide the important information at the top of the page.
      • Your name, position, dates
      • RoxieReading Curriculum level used
      • Number of students,
      • Grade
      • Type of student
      • RoxieReading Lesson#

As you fill in the columns, leave enough space between each activity so I can give short feedback.

Also, make sure the descriptions on one side of the column line up with the response of the student.  I should be able to read the columns across to see what you did and how the student responded. 

  1. In the left column, identify each activity and HOW you taught it.  Give enough information so I can visualize the lesson as if I were there. What did you do?  What did you say? 
  2. In the right column, describe the response of the student.  Be specific. What problems did the student have?  What was easier? What are they learning?
  3. Skip to the last page of the Teaching Summary, write your reflection paragraphs.  What did YOU learn through this process?  What questions do you have? 
  4. Complete the Teaching Summary and submit it.

Examples of the Teaching Summary

Here are two examples of completed Teaching Summaries.  I am not able to observe your teaching to give feedback so this document becomes a way for me to visualize what you are doing and how the student is responding. 

Teaching Summary Example RRA

Teaching Summary Example RR3

How will you know the level is correct?

You will know you have chosen the correct level by judging how the student performs on the Spelling Before Reading (word building) activity.  How much help do you have to give students as the write the words on the whiteboard (or tiles for Kindergarten)?

Too Easy:  If students can write the words without any or very little help from you, it is too easy.

Too Difficult:  If you must coach students through almost every letter of every word, it is too difficult. 

Just Right:  After giving a word, you immediately ask questions and give clues to coach students through the word. The students can write the words without error with your help.

Cheat Sheets

Teaching Sequence RRA and RR1

Teaching Sequence RR2, RR3, and RR4

Encoding before Decoding

Fidelity Checklist

Download the Fidelity Checklist for the curriculum you are using.  This checklist will guide you in implementing the different strategies of the lesson. 

RoxieReading A – 1

RoxieReading 2

RoxieReadimg 3 – 4

Submit your Teaching Summary here.