Use the following assessments to screen for dyslexic and other poor readers as well as to assess their progress. 

The files contain fillable forms that are designed to be used digitally. Just download the file to your computer and fill out the form. Then save the file. 

NOte: If you open the file and print to PDF, you will not be able to fill in the information on the computer.

Instructions for Assessing

Here are the instructions for completing the assessment forms for your student.

Open up the Assessment Instructions and the Assessment Forms and follow along as you watch the videos. 

Documents You Will Need

You will need these documents to assess your student.

  • The Assessment Instructions
  • Assessment for the grade level of your student
  • Assessment Answer Key for the assessment
  • Assessment Student Example of the assessment
  • The Ways to Spell the Sounds of English will be helpful. 

Using the Assessment Forms

If you don’t have an UPDATED Adobe Reader,
you can get it here. 

Choose a struggling reader. If you did not choose a struggling reader, the assessment does not meet the requirements and cannot be accepted.

Choose the Assessment Forms for the grade level of your student. If you are assessing the student for the first time at the end of the school year, choose the assessment that matches the grade level of the student in the Fall. Use Mid-K-Beginning Grade 1 the first three weeks of Grade 1. Use the Grade 1 form if you are assessing later. 

These forms are interactive, fillable forms. Type the information into the form. These forms will automatically calculate scores and transfer data from one part of the form to another.

      • Open the file on the computer, fill in the information, and then print to PDF to your computer. Then submit it.


      • Save the file on your computer. Open it in Adobe, fill in the form, and then print it to a PDF.  Then submit it.
      • NOTE:  If you open the file and print to PDF, you will not be able to fill in the information on the computer.
      • DO NOT scan or submit as a JPEG.

Assessment Forms