RoxieReading 4 Curriculum, one set per teacher

RoxieReading 4 is designed for Grade 5 – 12 or intervention through Grade 12.  It strengthens reading and vocabulary skills. Students learn all of the graphemes, selected Latin and Greek roots, and complex prefixes and suffixes. The multisensory approach reaches even the lowest achiever.

RoxieReading 4 includes:

  1. RoxieReading 4: Teacher Edition, softcover book
  2. RoxieReading 4: Words and Activities, digital download
  3. RoxieReading 4: Teacher Resources, digital download
  4. Master for posters that you can print

In addition, you will need to purchase:

  1. Chips
  2. Sound Cards for RoxieReading 3, 4




Roxie Reading teaches all of the 127 graphemes of English plus Latin and Greek roots.  Review is embedded within the lessons. Each lesson takes 40-60 minutes.  Teach one lesson twice a week or one-half lesson four times a week.  354 pages

RoxieReading 4  is appropriate for these students:

  1. Select Grade 5 -12 classrooms
  2. Remedial students in Grades 5 – 12 who are reading at a beginning 4th grade level or above but still reading below grade level.
  3. English Language Learners in Grades 5 – 12 who have a good foundation in English but want to strengthen their reading skills.

Roxie Reading 4: Words and Activities is a companion resource for RoxieReading 4: Teacher Edition. It contains words and activities for each lesson that build spelling and vocabulary.

RoxieReading 4: Teacher Resource provides templates for monitoring progress and dictation, scripting for the beginning lessons, and other resources you can download and print.