RoxieReading 1 Resources

You have permission to use these resources with your own students.  Download and print the pages as you need them.  Choose which posters and cards work best for you.

The Teacher Edition includes 8 to 9 activities in each lesson.  The Teacher Resources and Student pages only represent one or two of these activities.  You must have the Teacher Edition to teach this curriculum with fidelity.

Teaching Cheat Sheet   

Here are the resources for teaching.

RoxieReading 1: Teacher Resources

Here are the resources for teaching.

RoxieReading 1: Words and Sentences

Here are the student pages.

RoxieReading 1: Classroom Poster

This is the master for nine 18″ x 24″ pages.

RoxieReading 1: Large Poster

This is the master for three 24″ x 36″ pages.

RoxieReading 1: Hand-held Poster

This is the master for eight 8.5″ x 11″ pages.


RoxieReading1: Classroom Cards

This is the master for 31
8.5″ x 11″ pages. There are two cards per page which can be cut apart.

Phonemic Awareness Activity Checklist

Use this checklist to guide you in choosing phonemic awareness activities.

RoxieReading 1: Very Large Poster

This is a master for sixteen 18′ x 24″ pages.


Choosing the Correct Ability Level

Use this guideline to choose the correct curriculum level for your students.


Fidelity Checklist

For this curriculum to be successful, it is important to complete the activities as indicated.  Since there are so many pieces, this checklist will help you.