RoxieReading 2 provides powerful tools that strengthen reading skills.

RoxieReading 2 is designed to meet the needs of those who know the alphabet and some of the common graphemes beyond the alphabet but may not be able to decode well.

RoxieReadng 2 provides a strong foundation in short vowels for students who already know the alphabet.

Overview of Lessons

Sample words from first lessons:
         crush        jumpy       flops        fixed

Ability Level

The keys for making the decision:

  • These students know the alphabet and the sounds they represent.  
  • They are weak at decoding the simplest words. 
  • Their knowledge of short vowel sounds in words is weak.
  • They know some of the graphemes beyond the alphabet but need to learn more.
  • They may be reading as low as the preprimer level.
It is suitable for these students.